Training course PACS & VNA administrator advanced - REGISTRATION CLOSED

This training course provides the attendee with a deeper knowledge of the PACS/VNA architecture and future direction. You will get to know what activities are expected from an experienced PACS and or VNA administrator, including the set of PACS/VNA policies and procedures. We will also get hands on experience and learn how to use advanced troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve PACS/VNA image quality and connectivity issues.

For who:

  • PACS/VNA administrators who have been working in this field and like to get a perspective on where PACS/VNA is going
  • Vendors, i.e. applications specialists and service engineers to provide them with diagnostic tools and knowledge to support their PACS/VNA better and more effectively
  • Architects and system integrators to get an understanding of the workflow and corresponding standards to be used for connectivity

Learning objectives:
After the seminar you will be able to:

  • Enhance your role as a PACS/VNA administrator by having a reference to most common duties
  • Have a thorough understanding of the PACS and enterprise VNA architecture to anticipate future direction and planning
  • Prepare for the impact of new modality formats (pathology, enhanced MR/CT, 3-D printing)
  • Use tools for troubleshooting modality and PACS/VNA connections (provided as part of the course)

We expect from the attendees a couple of years’ experience and familiarity with standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE). You will need to bring your windows-based laptop. With admin rights (install software tools) and UTP (adapter) connection.

The course materials will be in English, the course will be delivered in English. If only Dutch trainees attend the training course will be in Dutch. 

 Seminar materials:

-flash drive with tools (RIS simulator, Modality simulator, Wireshark sniffer and sample transactions and images)

-PACS fundamentals textbook

-softcopy of slide hand-outs

Trainer  Herman Oosterwijk

This training course will be given ONLINE.

Day 1: PACS/VNA fundamentals

-PACS/VNA evolution (2.0, 3.0 and beyond)

-new standards facilitating PACS/VNA evolution (FHIR, DICOMWeb, XDS)

-Acquisition, viewing, back-end architecture and AI developments

-VNA, levels and deconstructed PACS

-Image sharing and encounter-based imaging

-Integration: API, standards-based, web-based and examples (PACS, RIS, EMR driven)

-Typical PACS/VNA administration tasks; PACS policies/procedures and QA/QC


Day 2: PACS/VNA support (hands-on, windows-based laptop required)

-Image quality: pixel pipeline, IHE test images, AAPM test set

-New DICOM additions: pathology, structured reports for dose and Ultrasound, enhanced image types

-Simulation of the order, worklist, image store, retrieve, and report cycle using open source and licensed software, using Wireshark sniffer to monitor traffic and identify errors

-Top ten PACS/VNA support issues

-Panel discussion, Q and A: PACS/VNA challenges and how to anticipate them in the European context

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