Training course Healthcare Information Exchange, IHE XDS advanced

The primary goal of this training course is to provide the attendee with hands-on troubleshooting skills. In support of this the training course provides an in-depth discussion of a selection of advanced XDS topics. The focus will be on common data flow patterns of XDS-based infrastructures. The attendees will be asked to simulate all steps of these data flow patterns. As a secondary goal this training course aims to familiarise the participant with XDS testing/simulation tools so they can be used after the training course itself. This is a hands-on training course; at least 50% of the time will be spent on hands-on exercises.

IHE XDS/XDS-I for documents and images, advanced topics (SAML, SeR) and best practices for implementation, document metadata management, hands-on testing, implementation and test tools.

Learning goals:

Following this course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Troubleshoot XDS/XDS-I connectivity issues
  • Use XDS/XDS-I simulation and validation tools
  • Support the (further) implementation of XDS/XDS-I
  • Troubleshoot issues within your own project and discuss them with your vendor 

Target audience:
This hands-on training course is aimed at those that manage, implement or test XDS/XCA or XDS-I based architectures

The trainers are Robert Breas and Pascal Looijé (trainers at the IHE Academy).

Please note that this course will be in English!



  • Introduction & Conformance statements
  • Alpha Use case
  • Conformance between systems
  • XDS-metadata: Documents
  • XDS-metadata: Images
  • Access Control: SAML
  • Access Control: SeR
  • Audit trail and server certificates
  • Summary

Attendees are assumed to have  hands-on experience with XDS in their own organisation. Attendees are requested to bring their own laptop and have administrator rights; and they will be asked to install a suite of tools prior to the training course. See the full set of prerequisites (in terms of knowledge, hardware, software) as documented separately.



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