Training course DICOM Overview & hands on

During a digitalisation project, all sorts of systems are linked together. DICOM and HL7 are the most commonly used standards for the communication between PACS and RIS and all imaging systems. It is important that the administrators of the new systems are aware of these standards, so that they can link the systems and resolve any problems that occur themselves.

 All aspects of DICOM will be discussed during this DICOM Training and you will gain hands-on experience in working with DICOM tooling. This 2-day course is a mix of theory and practice.

For whom:
The DICOM Overview & Hands-on course is aimed at everyone who wants to learn more about DICOM (Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine) and wants to gain experience with DICOM tooling. It is of interest to employees who are or will become responsible for the administration and implementation of PACS, RIS and digital modalities. They include, for example, system and application administrators of the Automation, Radiology and Medical Technology departments.

MedicalPHIT is organising this course in cooperation with IT.

DICOM Information Model
-       IOD
-       Modules
-       Attributes (tags, value representations)

DICOM Services and SOP Classes
-       includes: Verification, Storage, Query/Retrieve, Working lists, MPPS
-       SCU/SCP

 Handling communication
-       DICOM associations
-       DICOM messages

 Hands-on DICOM tooling, including
-       DICOM editor
-       Storage emulators
-       DICOM network analyser

 Special topics
-       Quality and Integrity of images
-       Structured Reporting (DICOM SR)
-       Portable Data Imaging

 Conformance Statements

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