RIVM project “ScreenIT”

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Screening Organisations facilitate three screening programmes for cancer. MedicalPHIT recommended the development of a single system (agile) for all screening programmes. This was implemented. The project is a good example of registration at the source: by gastroenterologists, pathologists and laboratories. In addition to this, the exchange of data is based on structured HL7 v3 messages. This allows the data to be used several times in the primary process monitoring and evaluation.

PIE: Pathology Image Exchange in the Netherlands

MedicalPHIT provides project management services for the PALGA foundation and the NVVP in order to transition from theory to reality. Soon we will be able to exchange digital sections between pathology laboratories in the Netherlands, to support consultations, revisions and panel diagnostics.

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