National systems

The RIVM Executive Board (CVB) aims to implement one system for national evaluation and regional quality guarantees for the screening test for Down’s Syndrome and the structural ultrasound examination: Peridos. All systems used by midwives and gynaecologists must be able to submit data simply via a digital connection.

RIVM project “ScreenIT”

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Screening Organisations facilitate three screening programmes for cancer. MedicalPHIT recommended the development of a single system (agile) for all screening programmes. This was implemented. The project is a good example of registration at the source: by gastroenterologists, pathologists and laboratories. In addition to this, the exchange of data is based on structured HL7 v3 messages. This allows the data to be used several times in the primary process monitoring and evaluation.

Regional systems

EZDA stands for ‘Electronisch Zorg Dossier Amsterdam’ (Digital Healthcare File Amsterdam). More than 20 healthcare facilities and professional organisations in Amsterdam - from the sectors care, cure and prevention - have joined this initiative. The following also form part of this foundation: The Municipality of Amsterdam, the GGD (Municipal Health Service), AGIS Health Insurance and the Vereniging Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam (Clients’ Interests Association of Amsterdam). PHIT created the infrastructure for SDSK in the Kennemerland region to give both healthcare providers and patients access to healthcare information.
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