PHIT Selection Method

MedicalPHIT can provide you with assistance for the entire selection process for IT systems and modalities.

1. Approach

  • We start by determining scope: what do you need and what don’t you need?

  • What is the procurement strategy? For example, will we be working with a longlist or a shortlist? Is European procurement compulsory?

  • What is the required live date?

2. Project organisation

We put together a project organisation with work groups that can work decisively. The goals of the project organisation are:

  • The completion of the project within the time frame and budget

  • Ensuring that the acceptance of the system by its users proceeds smoothly

3. Smart Programme of Requirements

MedicalPHIT has developed Smart Programmes of Requirements (PoRs) for all equipment in radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine and pathology departments. These include the needs and requirements and the award criteria. This allows you to submit a complete PoR to suppliers. At the same time, it is possible for you to make a transparent comparison of all the offers. In short, using the Smart Programme of Requirements, you can procure the correct equipment at maximum value for money.

Smart Programme of Requirements examples:


  • Radiology: all modalities including CT, MRI, Angio room, X-ray equipment, C-arms, ultrasound equipment, etc

  • Nuclear medicine: PET, SPECT, PET-CT, SPECT-CT gamma cameras, bone densitometry

  • Cardiology: Cath labs, ECG management and echocardiogram

  • Pathology: slide scanners

  • Imaging systems for the OR (laparoscopy), internal medicine (endoscopy), gynaecology (ultrasound), ophthalmology, oral surgery, etc

 Information systems:

  • Hospital IT: EPD, digital dossier, order management, diary, EVS, PACS radiology, cardioPACS, PACS II (hospital-wide digitisation), storage, OK

  • Radiology/Nuclear medicine: RIS, PACS, Speech recognition, advanced imaging (3D). This concerns the procurement of new systems and the replacement of current systems.

  • Cardiology: cardioPACS, including digitisation of cardiac catheterisation lab, ultrasound, ECG, bicycle and holter and the delivery of data to registration systems.

  • Pathology: LIMS and workflow software

  • Business Intelligence of advanced analytics

  • Regional and national information exchange: exchange (including images) based on IHE XDS. National (web-based) filing and exchange, among other things with Aorta infrastructure.

4. Quote comparison

The client and the consultants at MedicalPHIT compare quotes independently. The quotes are assigned points for all award criteria to which a weighting factor has been preassigned. During so-called duo sessions, we discuss the discrepancies between both assessments and eventually agree on a joint assessment. These intensive duo sessions are very highly regarded by our clients. They actively work towards a considered choice which they can then use to motivate the rank and file. This is essential in order to ensure that acceptance by the users proceeds smoothly and also ensures transparency. 

5. Demonstration

The suppliers with the best quotes demonstrate their services. MedicalPHIT describes a number of use cases in advance. The supplier can show the work process with its system. These demonstrations are assessed based on predetermined objective criteria. User-friendliness can be tested by allowing personnel to work with the system independently after an explanation.

6. Contract negotiations

MedicalPHIT can assist you during price negotiations, negotiations regarding delivery conditions or the service contract. MedicalPHIT is often the purchaser’s right hand.

7. Contract management

It is common to agree on long-term service contracts for the maintenance of your purchased equipment. In practice, this is often given too little attention even though the service is expensive. MedicalPHIT would be happy to help you to conclude or renegotiate a favourable maintenance contract.

8. Benchmarking

We can benchmark the market conformity of service contracts and multiannual contracts based on our extensive databases.


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