Migration of all PACS to VNA AMC/VU

Task: The selection, procurement and launch of a new RIS and PACS for the radiology and nuclear medicine departments at the AMC.

Client: AMC, Amsterdam

Timeframe: May 2009 - March 2010

MedicalPHIT’s contribution:

Writing the Programme of Requirements and the European tendering documents according to the PHIT selection method

Selection of suppliers, taking account of the preferences of the users and financial considerations. Part of the selection process was the demonstration of the systems by the two highest-scoring suppliers. Five user groups of radiologists, nuclear physicians, medical specialists, laboratory technicians and administrative personnel assessed the functionality and user-friendliness of the offered systems. This turned out to have a decisive impact on the final choice.

Supervising contract negotiations

Result: A choice for the best system for the best price, supported by the users.

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