Image and document management

Image management concerns the acquisition, storage, viewing, processing, reporting on and sharing of images. PHIT has expertise in: 

  • Programmes of Requirements
  • Tenders
  • The entire implementation process of equipment and software for information exchange between and within healthcare institutions. A crucial part of this is the testing of connections.

We translate the requirements of the users for the suppliers. In doing so, we look at the required functionality, the use of standards for interoperability and the budget. For example, the procurement and implementation of: PACS, PACS2, VNA, digital acquisition equipment for all departments and radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology and pathology in particular.

Examples of projects:

  • PACS aggregation, Stichting Franciscus Vlietland Groep, Rotterdam
  • Image and document management, MUMC, Maastricht
  • Digitisation of the Pathology department, UMC Utrecht
  • PACS II and VNA, Ikazia hospital, Rotterdam
  • PIE Pathology Image Exchange, Stichting Pathologie Projecten
  • National Image management system iTBC, GGD GHOR
  • National Image management system Breast Cancer Population Screening
  • VNA VU AMC, Amsterdam
  • PACS AZ Damiaan, Oostende - Belgium
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