Business intelligence

MedicalPHIT has developed a methodology for Business Intelligence in the healthcare sector: BI PHIT. This allows you to keep abreast of your organisation at all times. 


With BI PHIT, you have access to good and usable management information that is constantly available. This is possible based on the information that is hidden in various information systems in the department, such as RIS, PACS, ZIS, EPD and other clinical IT applications. BI PHIT focuses on the structured unlocking of all information. 

The required quality indicators and specific needs of a department’s management, as well as predetermined KPIs, always form the starting point for the analyses. Our consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience when locating, structuring and validating the correct information. They integrate the information that is already available in the various information systems into clear reports and graphical representations. The reports reveal your performance, where problems are occurring and what can be improved. All of this is customised.

Projects to which MedicalPHIT has contributed: 

  • Monitor for the cancer screening RIVM
  • National screening for Down syndrome and SEO, RIVM
  • DdJGZ for Nederlands Centrum Jeugdgezondheid, Utrecht
  • BI for radiology, Imelda hospital, Bonheide (B)
  • TRANS IT, national database gastroenterologists, Rotterdam
  • Erasmus MC, delivery of quality records, Rotterdam
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